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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the real value in a Professional Installation?
The installation of a mobile electronics product in your car is as important as the product itself. A properly installed product ensures that it functions correctly, looks good, and does not damage the vehicle.

A professional installation is a terrific value because it provides you with:
  1. Lifetime installation warranty: A professional installation is covered for as long as you own your vehicle.

  2. Certified and experienced installers: We use installers that are accredited by MECP (Mobile Electronics Certification Program) and/or experienced with your model of vehicle. We are the specialists of the industry for completing the installation the way the product was designed.

  3. Low cost: A properly installed product lasts for years. The cost of an installation spread over the time you'll be enjoying the product is very reasonable.
Why should I choose Professional Installation over the do-it-yourself method?
  1. Tools: Do you have the right tools such as a panel popper, multi-meter, and soldering iron that are required for a mobile electronics installation?

  2. Automotive knowledge: Do you have the knowledge for installing mobile electronics, including dash disassembly and wiring interfacing?

  3. Time: Do you have the time and patience to complete the installation on your own? A mobile electronics installation can take anywhere from an hour to many hours.

  4. Space: Do you have a garage to complete the installation? Cold, hot, or rainy weather can turn a simple installation into a battle with the elements.

  5. Cost: What is the cost to fix mistakes?
Who is an Experienced Professional Installer?
A retailer with installers that are dedicated to working with mobile electronics - day in and day out. They have the experience to work with modern vehicles safely.

What does it mean to be an MECP certified installer?

Many professional installers are MECP certified. The Mobile industry- supported, nationally-recognized certification program for 12-volt installers. Developed in 1991 by 12-volt industry volunteers, installers, manufacturers, and retailers, MECP allows installers to demonstrate their professionalism by passing a comprehensive written exam.